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Holy shit guys, I need to start writing reviews again. The first hurdle to be mounted before I can achieve some momentum however, is Mustasch's self titled fifth LP, a record that bounced off AP, who couldn't find time to write about it, and into my hands just as I was entering a period littered with exams. Too bad for this Swedish band, but now I think I can finally find some time to squeeze out some text about them, so here goes:

At first I really wasn't even keen on spinning this disc, because the way Mustasch had been prevented to me had been as a "straight forward hardrock band", and instantly, fears sprung to mind of another band of whisky-drenched, talentless Guns'N'Roses wannabes. Fortunately for me and Mustasch both, is that this is not at all what they are like. Straightforward they may be, whisky drenched too, but rather than bandana-bound Slash-imitation, these guys go for a heavier and dirtier metal'n'roll expression.

This arms them with a number of beneficial qualities, such as rumbling groovy riffage and pseudo heavy breaks, both of which contribute to the character of the otherwise chorus-focused numbers on the debut LP. Hell, you could even say they have an actual signature sound, and as it goes for all bands trying to make an impression on an otherwise unfamiliar listener, that is indeed crucial.

On the flipside, you won't find me recommending Mustasch to friends and foes alike, for that, their music is just a bit too simple minded. While the soundscape distances the band from those dreadful GnR worshippers I talked about before, the lyrics, unfortunately, aligns rather closely with them, focusing on things like daring to live the rock and roll lifestyle ("The Man, The Myth, The Wreck", "Blackout Blues") and having trouble dealing with it ("Frustrated"). I just can't oversee the irony in singing first about how "self destruction's just another form of control" (to justify one's hard-partying ways if I'm not mistaken) and then also crooning miserably "why can't I be like everybody else", on top of corny violins on another track.

Still, it might just be because Mustasch are still keeping it real, kicking around lesser known circles (or are they known in Sweden?) than their overhyped contemporaries like the Danish DAD and Volbeat, but I actually prefer them to those two bands. The fact that they have at least added bits of ambition with the violins and some sampled spoken word passages, gives the record just enough character to lift it above the status of "generic meathead party record" and making it easily enjoyable to most listeners. Still though, this is not great art, not in my optics at least, not that I think it's meant to be.

Download: "The Man, The Myth, The Wreck", "Frustrated", "The Audience Is Listening", "Mine"
For The Fans Of: DAD, Volbeat,

Release Date 05.10.2009
Regain/Nuclear Blast Records

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