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WYLDSKY was founded by, and is fronted by, guitarist/singer/song-writer Tyler Nelson, who you may know of from Great White fame. While he was performing benefit concerts for families of those who died in The Station fire in Rhode Island he was contacted by Ivan Gospich of Mandatory Music Group who offered him a contract to make a CD. Tyler found some musicians, and then come up with the name 'WYLDSKY', after his daughters Wylie & Skylar. These musicians he found? All seasoned in their fields, bringing their own influences, which ultimately adds to WYLDSKY's sound.

Their sound? A throwback to 80s hard rock, which you may have picked up a little bit of over the years while your dad air-guitared out to it, with nothing more than a tie around his head for a bandanna, a broom for the guitar, and a whole lot of energy and imagination. That is, if you had a cool dad. Don't make the mistake of assuming that these guys are stuck in a time warp, though. Yes, it is much more likely that you will enjoy this if you are a fan of this stuff already, but they have just the right amount of outside influence to keep from being nothing more than a rehash of that tired and tested hair-metal formula.

The average song is five minutes long, as to give adequate room for the guitar solos upon solos, and if they don't get you feeling all nostalgic, then the smoky voice crooning about ladies will. "My Baby", the shortest song on this album, and arguably the best because of its heavy blues charm - probably down to blues/jazz legend Steve Evans on guitar. "Rendezvous" is them at their soloing best down to Evan's and Nelson's ability to glide up and down the fretboard. "Next World" is a down and dirty rock 'n roll song, the kind that calls a smoke-filled-whiskey-bar home.

At one stage during recording, Tyler threw a guitar into a bath to see if any of the sounds could be used! That's the kind of experimentation and balls more musicians should have. This album is full of hard rock goodness, that kicks ass when it needs to, it has the catchiness in ample doses, and killer, heartfelt ballads the rest of the time.


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Release Date 07.01.2009

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