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Written by: EW on 28/01/2010 13:13:14

And so finally to Rusty Eye's "Live At The Joint MMVI", released in 2006 as you should know if you remember your Roman numerals from school, is a quick 25-minute blast through a collection of songs from the "Rust n' Roll" and "Stendhal Syndrome" records in a no-frills performance that quite dramatically ups the punk quotient I had already commented on in the reviews of those two albums. No time is wasted before "Birds of Prey" kicks off the action with the sort of lo-fi sound I have always predominantly associated with the earliest Bathory recordings, and really this is the sound of a band going for it in the live environment: mistakes aplenty are made but that shouldn't matter if a band is giving it full energy and it is hard to argue against Rusty Eye in this respect. Miss Randall puts forth an energised performance in a setlist that seems largely dictated to songs featuring her vocals while Mr. Rust and guitarist Baron Murtland speed up the riffs of "Dead Once Again" and "Return of the Scarecrow" greatly from their recorded equivalents.

Despite the recording being clearly that of a live show featuring likely no overdubs or touch-ups in post-production, the audience interaction is minimal with only a smattering of claps and voices evident between songs suggesting a performance made in front of a mediocre crowd generating little atmosphere to speak of. The band however sound confident through the freestyle vibe of "Inside Her (Rings Of Smoke)" and project a greater understanding of some of the songs which I've found to be lacking in such a vigour on their basic studio recordings. In a round-up of what I have heard of Rusty Eye recently I wouldn't recommend "Live At The Joint MMVI" over latest album "Possessor" but given the faster and more energetic performance of songs like "Mr. Cannibal" and "Turn It Up" I would suggest checking this one out over "Rust n' Roll" or "Stendhal Syndrome" for it is much more likely to display the band's musical roots and utilise the energy locked up in the band's dodgier early recordings where this enthusiasm was definitely not so evident.

Download: Turn It Up, Mr. Cannibal
For The Fans Of: Iron Maiden, Discharge, Dead Kennedys
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Release date: 2006
Epoché Records

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