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The Getaway EP

Written by: DR on 26/01/2010 16:12:25

Unless, like me, you hail from the English town of Tamworth (you probably don't, though) you're not going to have heard of Falling Faster - unless you've somehow managed to catch one of their gigs about the Midlands area. For such a tiny band, they've managed to outdo themselves thus far: they've supported for the likes of Saving Aimee, Army of Freshman and Wheatus and have somehow managed to recruit Hurley from "Lost" on Bass! That was before they'd even recorded an EP, too. "The Getaway EP" is their debut, and it was produced at the same studios where You Me At Six, Funeral for a Friend, The Blackout and Enter Shikari have all recorded.

None of that matters, in the slightest. What matters is the music, not their ultra-straight fringes that turn girls the brightest shade of green with envy. Before I get right to the review'y bit, you may have doubts whether or not I can review this objectively. These guys have graciously played at band nights me and friends have organised, I went to the same school as most (or all?) of them. They are pop-punk though. That balances things out.

Fairly typical pop-punk. There are the usual power-chords in copious supply, lyrics about the fairer sex, and, of course, hooks. Those 'hooks' aren't anything especial, though not helped by frontman Elliot Radford's vocals which are far from terrible, but they do borderline whiny, and are sometimes incoherent. Day At The Fair are proof that you don't have to have a great vocalist when it comes to pop punk, but Radford's attempts towards a pliant tenor doesn't convince one that he is convinced with his own vocal abilities. On occasion he breaks the habit by forcing his voice towards sounding angry, which is something he should do more of. Similar to Day At The Fair, this band are very capable musicians, who aren't afraid to go periods with just instrumentation - which they pull off as though they are seasoned pop-punkers - which could be something to help them establish a slight niche for themselves.

The biggest enigma on "The Getaway" is the production. The superb production goes a fair degree towards making this band sound as decent as they do. While some will view the glossy production as a good thing, and nothing but, others (i.e. me) will wonder why such an early EP should sound so clean and slick. To me, the affinity that bands early EPs hold is the fact they sound raw and unpolished. It's not entirely absurd to suggest that this band will go through the rest of their career, however long it may be, recording albums that won't sound anywhere near as good as this. Nonetheless, there is still plenty of work for Falling Faster to do; time is on their side, so they can work at the talent they do have (and they certainly have some). For now however, it's definitely not the worst pop-punk I've heard, but it's not all that memorable either.


Download: I Saw This In A Movie, Get Up Let Down
For Fans of: All Time Low, Summerlin, Pop-punk in general
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Release Date 8.12.2009

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