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Written by: PP on 26/01/2010 14:44:48

January is a great time for us reviewers because we're usually far ahead of schedule when it comes to reviewing 2010 material, so it's a great time to look back at records that we've picked up in the year before but just didn't have time to review. "The Mad Ones" by Versus You is one such album, one that had me intrigued because of the origin behind its composers - the band are from Luxembourg. Not exactly the punk rock hotbed of Europe, but yet the group's third album has been in heavy rotation in my stereo whenever enough time was found for it in between reviews.

What we're dealing with is a mid paced punk rock release that pays its tribute to both the Chicago punk scene - you know the one where smoky, scratchy vocals are the name of the game, think The Lawrence Arms or D4 - as well as to California bands like Jawbreaker. The two styles are combined together for an energetic, rock-fueled punk sound that's heavy on anthemic sing alongs ("Patient Patient") but also in more heartfelt, emotionally charged slow pieces (see "Risk"). The overall style is something you could easily find on Fat Wreck, and with remarkable songs like "Everybody Knows Everything", they really should be signed to the label. They'd sell quite a few copies, too, given how infectious a number of their tracks are.

To reach the highest ratings on this site, however, it's important to have a consistent record all the way through. With 15 tracks spread over 47 minutes, Versus You should've left a few cuts out, because in between the monster sing alongs of "Touch A Lot", the Screeching Weasel inspired "Rest", "Accidental" and the other mentioned tracks, there are a number of tracks that don't make as big of an impact on the listener. Versus You never disappoint the listener entirely, though, so the verdict on the record is: solid, recommended to fans of Jawbreaker and The Lawrence Arms.


Download: Accidental, Patient Patient, Everybody Knows Everything
For the fans of: The Lawrence Arms, Jawbreaker, Screeching Weasel
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Release date 04.05.2009
Fond Of Life / Granny / GChord

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