The Argent Dawn

A Blank Eternity

Written by: PP on 25/01/2010 22:08:03

The Argent Dawn are from the same UK deathcore scene as With Chaos In Her Wake, and they are also another 'diseased' member who desperately need a cure for their inherent lack of inspiration and originality. However, given the band's association with another moderately hyped UK deathcore outfit From The Carnival Of Horrors, they're at least somewhat better in keeping this scribe interested in their breakdown-and-down-tuned riff infested deathcore. On their debut album "A Blank Eternity", the band's instrumentation shows at least a small degree of technical proficiency instead of relying on chug-chug musicianship all the way through.

With an impressive touring background featuring names like Dying Fetus, Whitechapel and Despised Icon, and claimed influence from Decapitated, Bloodbath, and Aborted, surely The Argent Dawn should satisfy the appetite of death metal fans? Wrong. They're mostly ripping off Trigger The Bloodshed and other similar acts, throwing in a technical lick here and there for good measure, but like so many other UK bands keeping themselves busy in this scene, the band suffers from predictable instrumentation and a vocalist who has massive room for improvement. Sure, the riffs occasionally visit serpentine death metal territory and do it quite well, but it's not often enough to justify much praise for them. The vocalist growls with that horribly loose style that lacks the in-your-face intensity as is required in deathcore normally, and indeed placing him next to a vocalist like Jonny Davy results in this guy sounding just sounding outright terrible.

So while The Argent Dawn's idea of deathcore (or modern death metal, as they like to call it) is slightly more imaginative than that by With Chaos In Her Wake, it's still miles away from the good bands in the genre. Throwing in technical wizardry won't help you if you can't write a song if your life depended on it, and that, my friends, is The Argent Dawn's biggest problem, because the title track that opens the album isn't very good as I'm sure you can hear on the player below, but yet it's SO MUCH better than the rest of the album.


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For the fans of: From The Carnival Of Horrors, Trigger The Bloodshed, With Chaos In Her Wake
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Release date 22.02.2010
Rising Records

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