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Written by: PP on 25/01/2010 00:17:11

You might recognize the name of Jay Weinberg, the drummer of Brooklyn, New York based The Reveling from somewhere, and that's because his father Max has played with Bruce Springsteen for over three decades now. Jay has even had the chance to play with the E Street Band when Max was busy with The Tonight Show for a while. Keeping that context and upbringing in mind, it's no surprise to find Jay in a band that needs to list Springsteen as a distant influence on their Myspace page.

The first impression of "3D Radio" EP is along the lines of 'wow these guys sound a lot like The Gaslight Anthem on "Sink Or Swim" except way faster'. Throw in bits and pieces from The Lawrence Arms, give the soundscape a nice charring, and you've got your by-the-books working class melodic punk rock band that recalls the golden 90s era of punk rock in every possible way. It basically sounds like middle America in an audio format. It's a crowded and strong field that The Reveling are entering, where solid bands are more common than forgettable ones, and this is ultimately what's going to be their pitfall. You see, it's not that The Reveling are bad. A couple of their tracks like "Gift" are great precisely because they have that nice, melodic ring to the guitars and vibrating bass lines like The Gaslight Anthem and The Lawrence Arms do. The problem is just that out of the many dozen similar bands currently around revitalizing this style, The Reveling don't have enough to offer to properly hook the listener in because there are only four tracks on the EP, and they are over in just 12 minutes. So while the songs are easily-accessible and thoroughly enjoyable, they drown in the vast mass of The Gaslight Anthem-esque bands around right now. Lets re-evaluate our stance when the guys have a full length, shall we?

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For the fans of: The Gaslight Anthem, The Lawrence Arms
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Release date 01.12.2009

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