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A Wilhelm Scream EP

Written by: PP on 24/01/2010 23:13:56

Prior to releasing "Career Suicide" back in 2007, A Wilhelm Scream were a very good technical punk / melodic hardcore band with a couple of solid records underneath their belt. When that album dropped, the band transformed almost overnight into the very best technical punk band around. "Career Suicide" is just that great of an album, and without a doubt one that belongs on any decade best of list when it comes to punk and hardcore. It's been over two years since that album, however, which the band have spent touring relentlessly both in the States and internationally, and now they're finally ready with some new material, a five track EP simply called "A Wilhelm Scream".

In a nutshell, the self-titled EP is a direct continuation of the melodic awesomeness of "Career Suicide", except the band have injected even more melody to their sound, which I didn't think was possible without ruining the raw nature of the guitars and the omnipresent hardcore base to their sound. Like previously, the band take great care to focus the melody into the intermittent technical passages that complement the solid riffs, so that the choruses are infectiously poppy, but simultaneously aggressive as well. Shredding, finger races up-and-down the fretboard, and of course vocalist Pereira's signature melodic raw yell that's really a perfect fit with AWS's music are what makes "A Wilhelm Scream" such a solid listen. The melodic flow to music that I've been talking about in quite a few reviews as of late? This EP and its melodic ring is a perfect example of how to make a record just flow brilliantly, although it helps to have songs like "Australias" and "Fun Time" on the record to really shove the band into your consciousness. If bands like Bad Religion, Strike Anywhere and especially Propagandhi read among your favorite bands, then check out this EP, and move onto "Career Suicide" next if you haven't got it already.


Download: Australias, Fun Time
For the fans of: Bad Religion, Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere
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Release date 20.11.2009
Paper + Plastick

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