We Won't Let Go EP

Written by: TL on 14/01/2010 18:26:33

Over the course of my life, I've become acquainted with at least a handful of people who seemed to me as hysterically obsessed with the thought of moving to Australia, and while I certainly do understand the appeal of that warm, sunny place (especially since Denmark is covered in snow at the moment), I never did quite think the climate was enough to justify the hype. However, lately it seems that every band I hear from down under is effin' awesome, so last week I found myself flipping through Aussie bands on myspace, looking to prove the theory that those are simply cool by default. This brought me to a handful of EP's from last year, that I will review as I work my way through them, and the first one up is "We Won't Let Go EP", by Capulet.

Right off the bat, Capulet present themselves as any scenester's ideal band. They got speed, they got blazing melodic guitar work and they've got a high pitched power-singer, eagerly crooning with the best of them. These elements have been whipped into three songs to constitute this debut EP. The three aren't all that different, but yet they act as a good showcase of what this young band does, and what they do, they do well, because the three songs sprint by in an exhilarating and exciting listen, spearheaded by track two, "Scratching The Walls", which boasts of a slightly more catchy chorus than its companions.

As can be expected from such a young band, the song writing have yet to develop to a level where it can deliver songs that fully realize their potential, while standing out from one another, but when that's all said and done, there's no reason to not pop this baby on anyway, to be swept up in a sound as sweet as Capulet's. Fans of Emarosa, Ella Sera and A Skylit Drive are bound to eat this up like free ice cream, especially if they prefer the faster and more melodic parts of each of those bands. Apart from that, there's nothing to be said, except what can be heard from the player below, so how about you just go and get to know this band before your friends do?


Download: Scratching The Walls
For The Fans Of: Emarosa, Ella Sera, A Skylit Drive, Closure In Moscow

Release Date 07.08.2009
Taper Jean Records

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