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Written by: PP on 07/05/2006 06:54:24

Bands that use funky dance beats on top of harmonic vocal work and pop punk themed guitars have recently been flowing to the scene like there's no end. First we had Fall Out Boy, then Panic! At The Disco, and now as the latest fad we have Brandtson. Although the band has been around since late 90s, they have only lately started gaining some air below their wings.

The first couple of listens of "Hello Control" are sweet. The strong bass-beat we're used to from any given Dance band is surrounded by effect-loaded guitars, but what makes the album even more fresh, is Myk Porter's harmonious vocal work. He is able to lift his voice to the sky, while also able to near-whisper and sing at the normal level. Songs like "Lie To Me" and "Here We Go" are catchier than anything you'll ever hear on radio. And like one review said, maybe, just MAYBE they are even too catchy for the commercial radios. The melodies are cleverly written, so they don't sound like your mediocre pop rock band (hi Avril!), but sound refreshing.

However, after several consequent listens, the album starts to lose its longevity. The obvious verse/chorus*2/verse structure and the repeated lyrics on every chorus presented on the album start to make you yawn - there simply isn't enough material to keep you awake for longer listening sessions. What's even worse is that after hearing the near-perfect melodies of some of the songs, you start to think that they must have been sampled from some 80s pop rock band with just different lyrics. I certainly hope this is not the case. This is perfect for the occasional summer listening session due to its uplifting mood, but don't expect to listen to it in a months time.


Download: Here We Go, Lie To Me
For the fans of: Panic! At The Disco, The Format, Lovedrug
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Release date 02.05.2006
The Militia Group

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