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Written by: EW on 07/01/2010 13:54:10

Now then, I don't have much information on Canada's Big Game Hunt to commence this review, but fear not because despite a lack of background trivia to work with the music of these guys is more than good enough to help me fill out an adequate length review. "Goliath", the band's second full-length, is a stoner fan's wet dream consisting of a primary mix of Down (from the overall Southern vibe through to Jordan Rose's Anselmo-like vocals) and Orange Goblin (in the Brits bass-heavy swagger) with a secondary helping of big names like Clutch, Kyuss and Corrosion of Conformity.

The pace across "Goliath" is that very recognisable stoner dirge - doom-speed it may technically be at times but the upbeat and brighter nature as exemplified by "Lucky 13" and it's funkier bass lines are musical facets one would simply never hear in a Candlemass album. No doubt lessons have been learnt from the tactics that have seen Down rise far beyond the initial skepticism that always greets a 'supergroup' to a true great as the baked sludgy southern groove is seen to raise it's head on numerous occasions; "Heavy Blues" and "Leaving", among many others may I clarify, sound as if they are audibly sweating in the hot southern sun (not something I’m doing in snow-covered London right now) as the effects of years of boozing and smoking drip out in a haze of stoned megalomania.

Perhaps unwisely, in the name of consistency, the tone of Wayne Muise's guitar, and thus the overall vibe, changes tack to a greater degree of Orange Goblin in the latter portions of the album where Rose also displays some of the big Goblin badass Ben Ward in his delivery. Still very much a good collection of songs from here on in, "Heaven Falls" and "Wisdom In One" still pack a punch but there's always something disconcerting about hearing a difference in recorded sound across one album, but hey ho, there could be much worse bands for one to imitate than Down and OG right?

Across a number of listens my sentiments towards "Goliath" have improved with each to the point where I'm willing to award the grade I'm about to. With 16 songs clocking in at 62 minutes it could do with a little trimming to become an even harder-hitting, er, goliath that many of the tunes already patently are, and who knows, if I was reviewing this mid-summer I see the potential for an even greater appreciation of it's laid-back vibes but for now I spy plenty here to recommend to those who like anything southern-fried, be it some delicious chicken or tasty stoner metal.


Download: Search Party, Leaving, Heavy Blues, Lucky 13
For The Fans Of: Down, Orange Goblin, Kyuss, CoC, Fu Manchu
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Release date: 2009

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