There Are No Happy Endings

Written by: PH on 02/05/2006 21:46:56

So here is the debut from Engerica, an English band that has toured along with Sum 41, Seether and played at last years Download Festival.

When I took a short look on their bandname and frontcover, I was certain that this just another emo-act. Thank god, I was wrong. The albums starts with some mumbling on "Reasons To Be Fearful" that sounds like Bart Simpson or something like that, and suddendly vocalist David Gardner starts screaming, and I mean SCREAMING. Yes, that was a Reason To Be Fearful actually, and I wonder how the heck he can produce such insane screaming. That was a 1 minute song, and I was already getting ready to start listening to something else. But then I woke up. "The Smell" had hit my stereo. A fantastic song that litterally has everything: 'spoken word', screaming and clean singing. An amazing song that you will have on your tongue for a long while.

I would put Engerica somewhere in between Nu-Metal and Post-grunge, since they are difficult to compare to any bands. Even though the band is English the vocalist has a rather american accent, which is why he sounds a bit different from anyone else.

To sum up, Engerica has made a fairly good debut here. Not anything in particular, but they have got some potential. The album in its entirety is average. Their sound has nothing new in it, but there are a few very good songs that pull up the grade.


Download: The Smell
For The Fans Of: System Of A Down

Release Date 24.04.2006
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