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This Is A Stick Up...Don´t Make It A Murder

Written by: PP on 02/05/2006 17:08:27

"Keep your mouth shut while we show you how to rock 'n' roll". That's quite a statement to make on your sophomore album when you aren't known by most of the pop punk scene. Nevertheless, Hit The Lights proves to be worthy of their word on their sophomore album "This Is A Stick Up...Don't Make It A Murder".

The guitar hooks are as infectious as those by Fall Out Boy, and the vocal delivery is mostly as funky as Panic! At The Disco. However, the band isn't doing anything that wasn't already done already in 1995 on an MXPX record more or less. But despite the similarity to almost every other pop punk band out there, Hit The Lights is able to hit the right buttons on any pop punk fan, which is why you will hear them on MTV and the radio in the nearest future. I'll be damned if as catchy (and great) songs as "Bodybag", "The Call Out (You Are The Dishes)" and "It's All The Rage" will never be among the songs that Hit The Lights will be remembered for.

Although the previously mentioned titles are the highlights of the album, it doesn't mean the rest of the album isn't almost equally as good, meaning that it will attract about 97% the 14-22 year old scenesters by its optimistic and impeccable sound.

Lets be honest here. If Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack, The Starting Lane, Fastlane and The Academy Is... are among your favorite bands, theres no doubt Hit The Lights will push the right buttons for you as well. The band copies the best parts of all these bands to create an easily identifiable sound with not much originality. If they were the first band to do this, they'd be praised everywhere by now. But since this is a direct influence by the previously mentioned bands, it won't receive a greater grade than an


Download: Bodybag, Speaker Blown, The Call Out (You Are The Dishes)
For the fans of: Fall Out Boy, The Starting Line, Panic! At The Disco
Listen: Myspace, Purevolume

Release date 11.04.2006
Triple Crown Records

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