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Sorry for the long wait, but I just had to wait for warmer times here in Denmark before I could hear this album at its best. But now we're here, so let's dig into it shall we?

Before we begin the review I first need to say two things to Motorjesus. One: "How the hell did you get James Hetfield to do vocals on "Legion On Rock", your vocalist just has the sound!" and two: "You're the most surprising band ever, goddamn don't scare me with that name and those track titles. Your quality is way out of league for a name that just says "Plays best on a steaming Harley Davidson with a Hell's Angels rocker on top of it". Seriously, you gave me a shock"

Okay, now that we have this covered why not undust some of the history of Motorjesus. They have been around for fourteen years by now, if you count in their past music experience under the name of "The Shitheadz" as a part of their musical history.

Throughout the years, they have released three demos, one video, and two full length albums, here also included their newest album "Deathrider", which in my opinion is a great album to add to your rock collection.

The symmetry of the music within the band matches the hot summer perfectly. The pulsating bass and drum lines accompanied with the extremely catchy guitar-riffs gives Christopher Birx (front vocalist) a perfect environment to pump out some hard powerful lyrics. Yes, they can sound a bit power metallish but whatever, their energy rocks.

The five members of the band have impressed me with this fairly new album, because I learned a valueable lesson by listening to it. And that's the classic 'never to judge the book by it's cover'. I thought of placing their album last on my review list because their name sounded like something that has crawled out from the sweaty armpits of a veteran Bandidos member, so I sadly decided to take the other albums first.

But I should've heard these guys first, but no sweat I'm listening to them now and I've concluded that if these guys decide to play on Roskilde next year, you can count me in for sure. They're worth it, even though their name is quite misleading along with the confusing lyrics and song titles which don't seem to fit the sound of the band that well. Nevertheless, if you take your time to listen through "Legion Of Rock", "The Howling", "Death Hammer Overload" and "Hellmachine" then you're on your way to obtaining a serious experience from these guys. Smack it in your car stereo on when the red line reaches summer-time, take some friends with you along with something cold to flush down the drain then you will find yourself enjoying the summer in no time.


Download: "Legion Of Rock", "Death Hammer Overload"
For the fans of: Metallica, Black Label Society
Listen: Official Homepage

Release date 24.04.2006
Locomotive Records
Provided by Target ApS

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