We Are Fiction

We Are Fiction

Written by: BL on 17/12/2009 02:25:17

It's so heart warming when sometimes you hear something that gives you some hope for a scene still struggling to produce consistent names as big as its big brother in the US, and UK post-hardcore/screamo outfit We Are Fiction have done just that with their self titled EP in emphatic fashion - this is one hell of a debut EP.

The first thing that comes to mind is how similar everything sounds to old-school Alexisonfire: like how Phil Barker's growled vocals are so reminiscent of George's days back before the last album where he changed his style, or how the guitars rip roar with razor sharp riffs one minute - then trading places suddenly with some sweet lead guitar licks, and then there's the clean singing which while isn't as breathtaking as Dallas Green's - still soars effortlessly. There's an undeniably fresh energy amongst the tracks though as well that help keep things interesting and already addictive enough for me to go back for more. The quality of the production is clean and glossy, but not overproduced to take away the raw emotive feel either.

The real strength of the EP lies however with just how damn catchy these songs are (and I mean seriously catchy), whether it be the clean vocal sections or the super sugar coated guitar melodies. I've recommended three tracks at the end of this review but to be honest every song here is worth listening to and has their strengths in different departments. From a technical standpoint there's nothing to really blow your mind or impress you if you have a disdain for a fairly saturated genre, which just goes some way to show how much of an impression I've gotten after blasting these songs on repeat a fair amount of times.

One thing I did think that could be worked on is moving on from these tracks to build on a more identifiable, and more unique sound - something to truly call their own. I mean the comparison to Alexisonfire is just so obvious from listening to a couple of the tracks that I would imagine it isn't something these guys would want to be associated with forever. As such it's the only major thing I could think of, because the foundation for something great, something bigger is already in place. And I have every hope that these guys will carve out a spot for themselves in the hall of greats one day. This is the start of something special.


Download: Bitch, Desire Lines, Feed Em' The Right Hook
For the fans of: Alexisonfire, Silverstein, Deaf Havana
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Release date 23.11.2009
Self Released

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