Potentia Animi

Psalm II

Written by: PP on 01/05/2006 03:23:44

Potentia Animi, or 'Power of the soul' as their name translates to, is a German monk-metal act featuring organs, bagpipes, violins and percussion on top of the usual instruments. As if this wasn't enough, they preach in German and Latin about morality and the virtues of religion (enough said?). And when their singer sounds like that guy from Rammstein, I just can't take them seriously. This music is far too retarded for anyone in their senses to listen to, I got to the 9th song and had to take the CD off, it was simply too horrible.

These guys sound like they're on medieval ages still, although I believe they would'be been hated already back then. If you thought the last Limp Bizkit record was bad, meet its grandfather. HORRIBLE.


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Release date 01.05.2006
Metal Blade
Provided by Target ApS

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