The Golden City

Written by: DR on 07/12/2009 13:47:45

Airpeople are a quintet hailing from Germany. We have David Blumann on guitars, bass, synth and vocal duty; Oliver Hengel on guitars, bass and synth; Marco Premm on guitars and synth; Oliver Bersin on guitar, synth and 'more'; and finally, Florian Brandel on drums, vocals, and glockenspiel (I know, awesome, right?). Why is a personnel list relevant? Hopefully to give you an idea of what music they play.

Although these do play largely instrumental rock, whatever you do, don't think post-rock. See, when you think of 'post-rock' you think towards the big, sweeping soundscapes. There's nothing 'big' or 'sweeping' about this band. Instead, it's an intricate frenzy of poppy synth and funky guitars - maybe pop-post-rock? Or post-pop-rock? Or maybe a genre like 'math rock' is more appropriate? Whatever. The point is "The Golden City" takes everything good about good pop music, by which I mean that it's catchy, puts a smile on your face and you can attempt to dance to it, and then translates that in to quirky instrumental music which is in no need of vocals because the hooks here are in the energetic, light-hearted guitars. The opening of "Golden City" or the guitar riff in "Amsterdam" that runs right through it will act as this band's chorus. In fact, the idea of Airpeople, one day, having a hit single with this unique sound isn't an altogether far-fetched one; even the idiots that lap up whatever the mainstream urinates into their ears could appreciate this.

"The Golden City" still sounds very much like a work in progress however. The instant you hear it you're likely to be engaged, and once Airpeople hone and progress their sound they might actually be able to hold you for an entire length of an album, instead of just keeping you locked in for a few songs before your mind inevitably wanders off slightly. Maybe that's because nine songs of pretty much the same format over and over again can become a bit of a chore to listen to.

Nevertheless, Airpeople may be on to something with "The Golden City". And though it's not there yet, there are enough moments to suggest they are not too far away from becoming something quite unique and something, maybe, quite special.


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For Fans of: Lymbyc Systym, 65daysofstatic
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Release Date 25.09.2009
Golden Antenna Records / Earth Water Sky Connection

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