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Dying To Live (12 inch)

Written by: PP on 06/12/2009 22:10:58

Philadelphia based Aneurysm Rats are the newest band trying to bring raw attitude and anger back into the hardcore scene without resorting into unnecessary breakdowns and the like. Featuring ex-members of Paint It Black and None More Black among others, the band's hardcore credentials are certainly in order, so what should we think about their new 12 inch "Dying To Live", a 12 track effort packed into just 15 minutes of pungent old school hardcore?

Well, firstly a disclaimer. If you aren't into old school hardcore fury of bands like Black Flag, or into raw, angry, pissed-off, loud, rowdy hardcore punk in general, then Aneurysm Rats is absolutely not the release for you to start out with in the genre. It's the kind of grassroots-level, underground effort in the vein of Paint It Black, Have Heart and Pulling Teeth that assumes the listener to be expert in the style. It forgives not the slightest of doubts whether the genre's the right choice for you, as it's freight-train like hardcore runs you over without thinking twice, tracks like the 19 second "100%ers" and 42 second "Perfect Skin" at the forefront. There's a big risk of the band sounding monotonous as a result but the short length of the album assures that's not the case at all here.

That being said, every now and then Aneurysm Rats display some of the songwriting talent to be expected based on their CV. "Left To Right", "Classic Tammy" and especially "Babies Don't Eat Sandwiches" all contain a tiny bit of melody in their respective guitar lines, and since there are the best tracks to be found on "Dying To Live", it suggests that Aneurysm Rats are at their best when they inject some more melody to their otherwise aggression-fueled breakneck instrumentals. The wooah-wooah backing vocals help, too. After the album has raced by you in just 15 minutes, those are the songs you keep going back for, not so much the rest.

Download: Babies Don't Eat Sandwiches
For the fans of: Paint It Black, Have Heart, Capital
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Release date 07.04.2009
Assasinated Records

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