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Only Revolutions

Written by: TL on 03/12/2009 23:48:23

Biffy Clyro is a band I feel that much too few people outside of the British isles know anything about. After all, the band was already kicking up a ruckus on their first, noisy, quiet/loud-driven post-punk debut, "Blackened Sky" (think early Fightstar), only to go experimental on their third disc "The Vertigo Of Bliss" (think Idon'tevenknowwhat, and yes I'm skipping "Infinity Land", because I haven't had time to hear it yet) and finally they staged a cheeky assault on the mainstream with their more accessible and orchestral album "Puzzles". That was back in 2007 and now they have returned with another batch of their special recipes, namely new album "Only Revolutions".

First track and leading single, "The Captain", immediately suggests an even more poppy and theatrical approach than on "Puzzles" (Run PP! Run away!), with it's pompous instrumentals and pirate-y whoa-oh singalongs. Cross as always though, Biffy follow up with a barn-storming riff - of their usually quirky nature of course - and an energetic attitude on "That Golden Rule", and trust me, it will rock you. The same goes for the up-beat "Bubbles", which sports yet another one of those curious mini-licks that singer/guitarist Simon Neil tends to litter all over the trio's music. The highlights follow like pearls on a string, with mellow yet memorable "God & Satan", and the very strange groove of "Born On A Horse", which sounds like something Franz Ferdinand could've cooked up on one of their stranger days. In general, Biffy's music balances between indie-rock oddity like that, and their more noisy, spacious alterna-rock past, the glimpses of which hint at both Fightstar and Funeral For A Friend ('s later material).

Continuing a description seems almost pointless, because Biffy seem completely unwilling to stuff anything on their album that is not interesting and memorable in at least two or three ways, and as such, you're simply kept consistently interested as the songs pass you by. "Mountains", "Boom, Blast & Ruin", "Know Your Quarry", all of them have given me something to remember them by, and so have Biffy Clyro, who, despite changing more or less on every album, still sound distinctly like themselves, and very little like anyone else. On here as on their other discs, they are a rock solid outfit, treading lesser trafficked paths and being all the more worthy of appreciation for it. Oh and they're playing in Copenhagen on December 19th, and I'd recommend that you Danes out there show up for that, because I'm 100% certain, that Biffy will give you an experience you didn't see coming.


Download: "That Golden Rule", "Bubbles", "Boom, Blast & Ruin"
For The Fans Of: Twin Atlantic, Franz Ferdinand, Manchester Orchestra, Fightstar

Release Date 03.11.2009

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