Six Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other 1986-2002

Written by: PP on 14/04/2005 03:50:57

Snuff is one of the most underrated punk bands ever, although I must admit they belong to the generation before me. Most people reading this review most likely haven't ever heard a Snuff song before, but that's understandable. The British melodic poppunk band has achieved an almost legendary status within the oldschool sceneists over their nearly 20 year career, and this album contains the highlights of all of the eras. It contains an unbeliavable 50 songs of underproduced, fast, and witty melodic pop/hardcore punk. The first cd has all the classics starting from "Arsehole" and "Nick Motown" going through "Not Listening" and "I Know What You Want". The first cd effectively describes Snuff's career and gives highlights of it, which is why this would be the perfect purchase for someone just starting with Snuff. The second CD is what makes this album valuable for those who own all of the previous albums as well: it contains b-sides, rarities, unreleased tracks from all over their career, and most importantly, awesome punk covers of songs like "I Can See Clearly Now" or "I Try".


Download: Arsehole, Nick Motown, Any Old Iron

For the fans of: NOFX, Lagwagon, No Use For A Name

Release date 5.4.2005

Fat Wreck Chords

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