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Written by: PP on 25/11/2009 01:38:29

One of the many reasons why NOFX is my all-time favorite band is because they are so frigging consistent. For every NOFX album since "S&M Airlines", I've had a "can't play anything else" phase where all other bands practically ceased existing for a month or so, which means I'd be able to recite you almost any lyric from any song from any of their eleven albums. Earlier this year the band put out "Coaster", the first album where I wasn't feeling the songs as much as before (although that period may still be on its way), and now I know why: they saved the four best songs from the "Coaster" sessions for an EP called "Cokie The Clown", accompanied by an acoustic version of the intensely emotional "My Orphan Year".

There's little point in describing how the EP sounds like because NOFX still sound exactly like NOFX has sounded since "Pump Up The Valuum": tight, technical skate punk with hilarious-yet-intelligent lyrics. "Cokie The Clown" opens the EP as an instant NOFX classic with hilarious lyrics about a coke head clown playing practical jokes with a flower squirting flour on people. Except it isn't flour, but his "special blend of X, coke and K". "Straight Outta Massachusetts" continues with a combination of the sounds from "Heavy Petting Zoo" / "So Long & Thanks For All The Shoes" eras, followed by fantastic riffs and a great chorus on "Fermented And Flailing". Fat Mike's clever socio-political lyricism shines here, but I'll let you discover that on your own. The last new song, "Codependence Day", is about as NOFX as a NOFX song can be. Enough said? I think so.

Overall, "Cokie The Clown" contains some of the best stuff NOFX has written since "War On Errorism" and "Seeing Double At The Triple Rock" from "Wolves In Wolves' Clothing". Everyone has an opinion on NOFX, surely, so lets just say if you've ever liked the band even a little bit, on you go, add "Cokie The Clown EP" to your iTunes shopping cart. But on the other hand, if NOFX have never tickled your fancy, then another release featuring their signature sound isn't going to change your mind.

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For the fans of: Bad Religion, Lagwagon, Descendents, Mxpx
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Release date 24.11.2009
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