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A Boy In A Mans World & Now (Reissue)

Written by: PP on 24/11/2009 23:27:36

Mucky Pup used to be an American hardcore band between 1985 and 1996. In the next 13 years, they've reunited several times to play a string of shows, like all 80s bands that broke up in mid 90s do these days. During their existence as a unit, they released six albums, most notably 1989's "Boy In A Man's World" that lead to minor European success, as well as 1991's "Now", both of which I Scream Records re-issued in June on a single 80 minute, 29 track disc. Now I'd like to meet the person behind the decision to perform a bad-cop style questioning session, because both albums are crappy, old school hardcore that only a handful of people liked back then, and even that feels like an exaggeration. So if the albums sucked 20 years ago, who the fuck is the genius behind the thought that they'll be any better with unnoticeable re-mastering in 2009?

To put Mucky Pup into perspective, one can just take the first two songs on the re-issue: "U-Stink" and "Batman". The first one starts off with a guy vomiting on his girlfriend because she smells bad before proceeding for 2:44 minutes of repetitive, one-dimensional riffing and lyrics about the girl stinking. The second one is about Batman bursting through a door to ass-rape a man who had a prostitute in his room, all played to the melody of the Batman theme song.

Basically, Mucky Pup are one of the most juvenile, taste-insulting and disgusting bands I've come across, not to mention that they are ultimately boring and completely irrelevant in 2009. They're like Bloodhound Gang, except not funny at all. Now it may very well be possible on some remote planet that Mucky Pup helped future people take Bloodhound Gang's also juvenile expression as a joke, but I seriously doubt enough people would've ever heard Mucky Pup for them to make a difference of any kind. I actually couldn't sit through the full 80 minutes of listening to this crap, and there's no way you'll give a shit either unless, and that's a huge unless, you were actually 16 years old when Mucky Pup were originally around, you've lost all your original copies, and for some unfathomable reason want to regain them to your collection. These guys almost make Limp Bizkit look good. Extra half a point for value-for-money, given two discs in one set.

Download: U-Stink, Batman (just to realize you should bin them immediately)
For the fans of: Bloodhound Gang's humour, old school one-dimensional hardcore
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Release date 19.06.2009
I Scream Records

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