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Gegensätze Ziehen Sich An

Written by: PP on 23/11/2009 22:49:33

After just reviewing Schelmish, I'm in the mood for more bands singing in their native language, so here's another release that'll most likely only appeal to the Germany / Austria / Switzerland region as all songs on the record are in German. The release in question is a split album between two German punk/rock/metal bands, Kneipenterroristen (the name makes me laugh) and V8 Wixxxer, carrying the title of "Gegensätze Ziehen Sich An" (Opposites Attract), where it seems that both bands have set out to have as much fun as humanly possible without consideration or even the slightest care over how the end result might sound.

So here's the deal. Both bands play six tracks, mostly covers of each other's stuff or covers of famous bands. Johnny Cash gets Germanized on Kneipenterroristen's "Ring Um Die Eier", which to me sounds like Motörhead playing the Social D cover of "Ring Of Fire" in German. Yeah, it's ridiculous, but in a good way. The second cover by Kneipenterroristen, who I'd honestly label to be Motörhead if the latter were more punk instead of rock'n'roll, is Rose Tattoo's "Nice Boys" which has also received a German treatment and is now called "Spielen Kein Rock'N'Roll". It's pretty funny as well, but the winner on K's half of the record is the acoustic "Mein Letztes Bier" (My Last Beer), an emotional ballad about looking down your glass and noticing it's almost empty and there's no more beer left. I laughed over a couple of lines even with my limited German skills.

So far the ride's been fun, so by this point I'm pumped up for V8 Wixxxer's half only to find them rape Mötley Crue's "Angela" and attempt at covering ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man". V8, who used to be called V8 Wankers before they switched over to singing in German, have a harsh punk expression that has more in common with power metal than the three-chord punk of Kneipenterroristen. You can still tell that the band probably had to record each song - especially the Kneipenterroristen covers - several times because they burst out laughing or just couldn't take it seriously, but somehow the feeling of fun doesn't translate across as directly as it did on the first half of the record. Are Kneipenterroristen just a better than than V8? I couldn't tell you for sure, given that I've never heard either band play their own material aside from a couple of tracks here, but it certainly seems like it after the average second half. Overall, not much musical value to be found here, but check it out for the fun of it.

Download: Kneipenterroristen - Ring Um Die Eier
For the fans of: Motörhead, Mötley Crue, Kneipenterroristen, V8 Wixxer/Wankers
Listen: Kneipenterroristen Myspace, V8 Wixxxer Myspace

Release date 06.11.2009
Rude Records / Pain Inc / Dockyard 2

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