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Written by: TL on 11/11/2009 23:34:17

As always, I'm am rather trailing behind than keeping up with the movements of acts located within the world of indie rock, and as such, it comes as no surprise that a band like Nightmare Of You, is one that I haven't heard about previously to being tasked with reviewing their second album "Infomaniac". Why would I know about it though? Well, I guess it suggests something, that the man around which it revolves, singer/guitarist Brandon Reilly, used to play in a band called The Rookie Lot, then featuring members who would sooner come to play in a little band called Brand New. Furthermore, on NOY's debut album, they even had a bassist formerly of Rival Schools and Glassjaw, so seemingly, the band's credentials are in order!

However, trying to draw a connection between the former involvements of a band's members and the quality of its sound, is of course rather superficial and mostly pointless. This goes at least for Nightmare Of You, who sound distinctly more truely indie than a band like Brand New or Glassjaw ever could. In fact, the first band I can think of that sounds similar is The Young Veins, the new band in which Ryan Ross pursues his seventies obsession after leaving Panic! At The Disco. Then there's the hint of Max Bemis-ness in Brandon's voice and lyrics, but anyone who's listened to the new Say Anything before listening to this, will know that the two don't really compare. I guess instead you could say there's a similarity to some of the most quiet Arctic Monkeys songs (The Last Shadow Puppets maybe even?), but again, the reference isn't quite accurate, because still, NOY are too indie and too quiet.

Maybe that's also why I have trouble getting excited about their record, even after a handful of recent spins. Rest assured, the mellow, unobtrusive indie-pop songs on offer here are certainly enjoyable, and there's no reason to think that any of the members of NOY were booted from their former outfits due to any lack of talent on their behalf. Still though, I can't shake that familiar feeling that I describe to you all too often. This stuff simply doesn't rock. The usual considerations apply: Is it because none of the songs really seem that memorable? - Or is it because maybe this sort of stuff is just too subtle for a hard rockin' writer to appreciate?

To be honest, I think it is at least partly the latter, because even I, in my constant search for things intense and dynamic, can hear that this has class and confidence enough to outshine many a less identifiable band. Still someone like me, and likely someone like you since you're reading here, will have trouble getting around the fact that this could risk boring even your mother. It's not that I want NOY to be loud. That's not the point at all, I'd just like them to have some attitude! They sound so content it hurts! Panic At The Disco did win me over with "Pretty. Odd" after all, but in comparison, NOY don't seem to have the necessary spark. They are for someone who gets a kick out of listening to Belle & Sebastian, not for those who prowl this website looking for rock! Hence they come only with a recommendation for those of you who also harbor love for indie and/or singer/songwriters on the side of your rock-obsession. The rest of you will need harder drugs to keep the blood pumping.

Download: Experimental Bed, I Think I'm Getting Older
For The Fans Of: The Young Veins, Panic At The Disco, Say Anything, Gatsby's American Dream,

Release Date 25.08.2009
The Bevonshire Label / Brookvale Records

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