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Signs Of Infinite Power

Written by: PP on 08/11/2009 17:57:22

If there's one aspect in which Fu Manchu shines, it's identity. It's impossible to mistake their bass-heavy, low-tuned groove metal for another band. But it's an entirely different story whether the music is actually good or not. And my impression of their steel obsessed 11th album "Signs Of Infinite Power" is negative, unfortunately. In short, Fu Manchu still sound like Fu Manchu have always sounded like: A b class Kyuss cover band with considerable Sabbath influence (I realize that counters my opening point, but they still do have an identity). Stoner rock, for those who only know Kyuss by name.

The short version of the review is that the vocals are crappy, the music isn't very interesting, and the low-tuned bass groove isn't as groovy as it initially seems. But I guess I have to go into the specifics since I'm reviewing it. I'll readily admit that Fu Manchu have released a couple of excellent albums, but that was almost a decade ago, and they now sound like a band way past their hey-time. A track like "El Busta" sounds awfully similar to nu-metal, only in a much more distorted and heavy format, which should really tell you how dated Fu Manchu sound in 2009. The title track exemplifies what this record is really about with its fuzzy guitars and a thick, compact soundscape. I'm sure there are some fans that appreciate this, because it's essentially the same stuff as they've always been writing, but I for one am struggling to find something to cling on, because it's not like their 'chorus' sections lend themselves to memorable moments. Like Rock Sound so effectively puts it: does the world need another Fu Manchu album? I'm inclined to say no, based on this effort. If you really wanna check these guys out, then stick to their earlier output instead.


Download: El Busta, Steel Beast Defeated
For the fans of: Kyuss, Black Sabbath, stoner rock
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Release date 10.10.2009
Century Media

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