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Written by: PP on 07/11/2009 20:10:33

I feel kind of stupid writing about Revolting Cocks, the seminal (at least according to some) industrial rock/club side project of Ministry's Al Jourgensen among others, because this is only the second Cocks album I've come across. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but the previous album I reviewed was a remix album of a record I've never heard, and that's also the case with "Sexx-O Mixxx-O", which contains new versions of all the songs from "Sex-O Olympic-O", released earlier this year on the same label. Actually it puzzles me why we never received a copy of that album for a review, because it'd help me to make some sense out of this, but here's my best shot anyway.

First of all, I've always thought that the somewhat softer Revolting Cocks sound lends itself to much better remixing opportunities than the hard-hitting industrial metal of Ministry. When club electronics are applied to the industrial platform, such as on the excellent "I'm Not Gay" (cheeky remix name: I'm So Gay Club Mix), the end result is an industrial rock sound that wouldn't feel out of place in a high-end clubbing place like Ministry Of Sound. In fact, should there be a club here in Denmark that played club mixes like those found on this record, chances are I'd be frequenting it quite often. I guess you should expect that though considering the list of promintent contributors to this record.

One interesting phenomenon I've noticed while browsing for reviews of this record and the original is that people really didn't like the fifth Revolting Cocks album, but the general consensus seems to be that "Sexx-O Mixxx-O" is a much better effort. I also realize I may sound like a hypocrite considering how I slammed the Ministry remix album only yesterday by calling the word remix "a word always synonymous to destroying a perfectly good song into some unrecognizable, unnecessary electronic bullshit that has either nothing or very little to do with the band's original sound", but that statement just doesn't apply here as much as I'd want it to. Because for each original song that I found on YouTube, I ended up liking the remix version way better. Go figure.


Download: I'm Not Gay (I'm So Gay Club Mix), Keys To The City (Invincible Mix)
For the fans of: Ministry, Acid Horse, Skinny Puppy
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Release date 29.09.2009
13th Planet Records

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