The Last Dubber

Written by: PP on 06/11/2009 21:28:33

Okay now I'm really starting to get pissed off. When Ministry released "The Last Sucker" in 2007 and subsequently toured in support of the release, they made it abundantly clear that it was their last album, their last tour, their last engagement as a band together. You can only respect a band for having been together 27 years and then explicitly deciding that they've shared enough of their creative genius with the rest of the world, thank the fans for their support and disappear behind the scenes. I know a handful of old bands who should take cue here and disband instead of destroying their legacy. Now I understood that the band wanted to release the covers album "Cover Up" about a year and a half back, because these were tracks they had already played live and recorded a long time ago, because that's something the die-hard fans will be interested in.

But why follow it up with a stupid live album? When you say you call it quits it should really fucking mean it, and what really takes the piss is the newest release "The Last Dubber", a REMIX album of their final album, in which the only Ministry influence was Mr Jourgensen behind the production desk. Remix, by the way, is a word always synonymous to destroying a perfectly good song into some unrecognizable, unnecessary electronic bullshit that has either nothing or very little to do with the band's original sound. Everything about this release, and the preceding two releases as well, smells like one of two things: either the Ministry boys got tired of touring after 27 years, figured that if they had to release another album, they'd have to go on tour again, and instead are trying to think creative ways of sustaining their income. Or alternatively - more likely - their label is ripping their fans off with the consent of Mr Jourgensen. Because even if you were a die-hard fan, why the hell would you want to hear industrial metal turned into ambient, electronic, lo-fi hell, to put it bluntly? What the hell does something like "Neuroplasticity Mix" even mean? Can't we just let the band rest in peace already, for everyone's sake.


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Release date 11.09.2009
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