Misery Inc.

Random End

Written by: KS on 21/04/2006 09:14:48

Misery Inc. is a six-piece band hailing from Finland. Maybe you’re already familiar with the name, since their debut "Yesterdays Grave", released in 2003, got raving reviews from metal magazines and webzines all over the world. Now they’re back with this wonderful piece called "Random End". Since their debut they have gotten not just one but two new singers, and already from the beginning you have a clear understanding of what it does to their music. The light vocals don't fit very well with the music, but the dark screamed/growled ones compensates very well, making it work incredibly well anyway.

The opener "Hymn For Life" is a brutal starter which I seem to often hear from metal bands. Some of the songs like "Further / Deeper" are a bit slower and more melodic. The artwork for the album is something I find rather funny. It’s a clown with a gun to his head in the foreground, and in the background, you can see a circus tent in flames with some elephants running away from it. Not that it’s spectacular artwork or anything, it just fits nicely to the title.

All in all this does get a bit tiresome for me in the end mostly because of the light vocals, but it’s also lacking some more diversity. None the less this is a pretty good album if you’re into metal.


Download: Hymn For Life, Greed Rules The World
For the fans of: Megadeath, Venom

Release date 08.02.2006
Firebox Records
Provided by Target ApS

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