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Written by: EW on 30/10/2009 15:50:48

Unsurprisingly given the release name of 'Promo 09' from the Finnish band MMD ('Mad Men's Diaries' apparently...the acronym is better), this is the band's first demo and one designed to attract the attentions of budding labels to their brand of symphonic black metal. So how will it help them do that?

With three songs in 13 minutes MMD don't hang around. "This Is My Sabbath" gets straight to business, revealing a most admirable production for a self-released demo with suitable gravitas and opportunity to all band members to make their mark. There is a heavy symphonic element to much of the demo, immediately leading to suggestions of Dimmu Borgir while for the most part the gargled vocals come across akin to a mix of Dani Filth and Grutle Kjellson, though we are also treated to moments of cleaner deeper, and more guttural vocals to vary things up a tad. The riffs hinting at Satyricon in the opener are superseded by a more boring chugging top-string style in "House Of The Veiled Serpent", while closer "Shapes", the best of the demo, shows competent command in mixing it's slower more dynamic riffs with the feel of the gothic synths at work. It certainly works better, but purely as a listener I have never ever liked such a kind of dominating synth and so I remain a touch ambivalent to it's prowess here.

MMD show promise on this brief demo for a young new band though, as would be expected, need considerably more individual identity to really make it in years to come. In terms of getting the band signed though, put it this way - I've heard much, much worse bands already sitting on a record deal.


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For The Fans Of: Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, new Satyricon
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Release date 07.04.2009

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