A Static Lullaby

Faso Latido

Written by: KS on 11/04/2005 23:40:05

I have been quite anxious writing about this album, because I really liked their debut, but "Faso Latido" has simply not caught on to me. A Static Lullaby seem to have just continued in their own tracks. Not that that is always a bad thing, but when you sound like almost every other band out there, you simply must renew yourself. This album can in no way compare to 'And Don't Forget To Breathe' from 2003. If you are a sucker for this emocore style, you should give it a go, otherwise you can easily skip this release. On their website A Static Lullaby proclaims that they are coming out with an album full of honest songs, from their hearts but this simply don't get to me. I'm sorry.


Download: Smooth Modulator
For the fans of: Alexisonfire, Funeral For A Friend

Release date 5.4.2005
Columbia Records

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