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Written by: PP on 27/10/2009 23:19:58

Rotterdam, Netherlands based All For Nothing will be guesting Copenhagen this coming Friday, and they've just released their sophomore album "Miles & Memories", so what better grounds for a review right here on None, I tell you, and if you're at all into aggressive hardcore with roots in both punk and melodic hardcore, then you'll be inclined to take a liking to this female fronted bunch. Can you believe the lead singer's name is Cindy? Don't let such a sweet name fool you because she'll come after you with all the aggression of the vocalists from bands like Comeback Kid, Terror, and Bane.

Of course, if those names do nothing to you, then you should stop reading right now because All For Nothing aren't going for sugar sweet melodies here. They've got just enough guitar melody to avoid the monotonous chugga-chugga pitfall all too many of their counterparts fall for, but don't come in expecting soaring melodies like "Broadcasting" or "Wake The Dead" by Comeback Kid. Similarities are there, sure, but All For Nothing's expression is more concerned with creating mosh pits and, well, being in your face to use a somewhat cliché expression. Take "Overhaul" or "Downfall", for instance, which are both basically hardcore punk tracks with a cleaner type of distortion and a distinct guitar melody driving them forward. The instrumentals guarantee some head nods during the melodic bits, while Cindy's yell makes sure the aggression level is kept constantly at dangerous levels.

As you might imagine, "Miles & Memories" isn't exactly original. But then again, it doesn't have to be. It does its part in taking bits from all the aforementioned bands to form an enjoyable hardcore sound, and since all 12 tracks are fired at you full speed in just over 25 minutes, it doesn't have time or space to get boring before it's over. When you take into consideration that they originate from Europe instead of North America like these type of bands normally do, you're left with the feeling that this is actually pretty decent with all things taken into consideration. Decent, but not by any means mind blowing.

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For the fans of: Terror, Comeback Kid, Bane, Black Friday 29
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Release date 23.10.2009
GSR Music

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