Noise Forest

Morbid Instincts

Written by: ASH on 18/04/2006 19:46:09

"Here's something that will blast you through a concrete wall..."

Check. With Noise Forest, german deathcore has leveled itself to a higher position in the never-ending struggle to produce creative and original material to the masses of metal fans worldwide. Concluded from a musical perspective, Noise Forest is upright aggressive and seemingly proud of being so. In my opinion, a great attitude to unleash at music of that particular style.

Throughout the major parts of their album "Morbid Instincts", you feel their grinding riffs pumping you quite hyped up. Seriously, the drummer of Noise Forest must be on something lethal on tracks like "Cramp" and "Be At Peace". Sure, there ARE drummers who could be something that crawled out from the depths of Hell, but Dennis Köhler really punches some serious shit! Especially on the third track "Past Redemption", which is also the only track on the entire album that has a calm intro. Observing Noise Forest in retrospective, the energy of the band is indeed impressive.

Since their history of small hardcore gigs and few demos, back in the years of '92 to their first release "Mortal Machines" in '99, the band accelerated into two tribute albums ("Tribute to G.G. Allin" and "Tribute to Motörhead") and their second release "Zero Existence". Today, they bring more than hardcore and a pinch of metal. They bring you not just their third album, but they bring you quality deathcore metal, boxed, ready to buy and ready to invade the speakers of your home.

The only drawbacks of "Morbid Instincts" is one; the band sounds like they're having a hard time to keep their rhythm in the first parts of the album, which leads them to sound a little misplaced at time to time. Two; It's their third album and damn, I would like to hear something outstanding, something that just says "Trademark of Noise Forest" all over it, that just isn't present on "Morbid Instincts". Nevertheless, I will look forward in reviewing their fourth album and hope that I will get to hear that trademark in the future.


Download: Be At Peace, Past Redemption
For the fans of: Crowbar, Helmet, Grief
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Release date 21.04.2006
Armageddon Music
Provided by Target ApS

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