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Written by: PP on 18/04/2006 19:19:30

It is difficult to put the dutch five-piece The Gathering into any specific genre, as the band has changed their sound so radically album after album 14 years after the release of their debut album. However, if Nightwish's sound is hard as the ground, Within Temptation halfway up to the clouds, and Theatre Of Tragedy on the cloud level, The Gathering is nearing stratosphere with their spacious, art-glorifying ninth full length "Home".

"Home" treats your senses with silk gloves. The featherlike, delicate vocals of Anneke fly high over the gentle piano/keyboard melodies and the subtle, silent guitar/bass/drum work on the background. It gives you the perfect opportunity to let your imagination wonder across the album and experience it in a unique way to your self. Every listening experience of "Home" is different, as the songs have tonnes of space to breathe and to expand, the atmoshperes are astonishing, beautiful and optimistic, and every part of the album sounds like it's been planned and arranged as carefully as possible, as if the band wants to avoid everything but ambiguity.

The peaceful ambience created by especially Anneke's divine voice relaxes you, and the contagious melodies caress your ears and gently massage your senses to lower your stress level and to make you realize how wonderful the world is despite all of its problems. However, it is important to underline that it indeed is Anneke who carries this band forward. She is able to extend her voice far, far beyond what you would initially believe from the softness of the hypnotizing standout track "Shortest Hour". But together as a band, as an entity, The Gathering is simply celebrating the beauties and possibilities of music. This is not an attempt to fit into any genre, but simply the band composing a piece of art, much like an artist painting a picture. It's music entirely from their perspective, and it allows you to either celebrate it with the band, relish it in your own little world, or simply to throw into your bin if you're ignorant and have no appreciation for real art. Whatever your choice is, give it a fair chance, and listen to it from different perspectives.


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For the fans of: Within Temptation, The Mars Volta, Theatre Of Tragedy
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Release date 15.04.2006
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