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Written by: PP on 21/10/2009 22:09:37

Local bands take note here. I wouldn't be sitting here writing a review of Danish skatepunk act Losing Must's demo EP "Rising" if it wasn't for one of the band members slipping me a copy of the disc at a recent punk rock show after seeing my Rockfreaks t-shirt. Even if I wasn't a journalist, this type of word-to-mouth promotion is the number one way to get your band started at such an early career stage, but better than that, getting personally handed a copy at a like-minded show generates a great first impression of the band to the person in question. Thumbs up from my side.

There are only four tracks on the EP, amounting to just under 10 minutes of music, but still it functions great as an early look to how Losing Must's future sound might shape out to be. There are quite a few different types of sound presented here, starting with the EP opener "Jerkoff", which could've been on Mxpx's roughest album "Teenage Politics" thanks to the sloppy vocal delivery and the opening lyrics that resemble the title track from that record. Then comes "Slaves To Authority", which has an early Pennywise feel to the "woo-ooh why must we be slaves to the authority?" yells of the vocalist who sounds a lot like Jim Lindberg throughout the disc. At the same time, the guitars overall worship the much loved Millencolin sound from "The Melancholy Collection"-era, a vibe fortified on a few vocals sections on "Finally" as well. "Damaged Goods" is fairly similar to "Slaves To Authority" in that it has clearly been inspired by Pennywise and other So-Cal skatepunk bands form the 90s, but that's all well and good considering they are one of my favorite bands.

But while each of the four tracks offered on "Rising" show a good sense of writing melodic, catchy choruses and good punk rock instrumentals, they are initially difficult to get into because of the DIY production on the album. The guitars are often drowned underneath the vocals and the bass-guitar is almost inaudible throughout the disc, plus the vocals could do with some more power/volume in a few places. My overall feeling for "Rising" is that if it had any better production, the songs would be massively better straight away. For now, this demo shows a young band paying tribute to some of the genre's best bands, and they do it rather well, but with crappy production

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Release date 2009

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