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Bones As Armour

Written by: PP on 21/10/2009 21:40:26

Cork, Ireland based Enemy Logic are going to have to do a hell of a lot better if they're going to impress me, or anyone else for that matter, because they exist in a genre where we've encountered probably two thousand bands in the last few years: metalcore. To an extent I understand why it is difficult to release a solid debut album when you're left on your own without label, promotional or producer support, but I know a handful of small bands who're all able to do a much better job in all departments than Enemy Logic on "Bones As Armour".

That the four piece's metalcore expression is riddled with horrible one-chord chugging breakdown shit is one thing, but having almost no production to at least smooth out some of the edges is a big no no in the genre. Consequently, the vocals sound extremely amateurish because of the non-existent production on them, leaving especially the deeper growls sounding flat and almost inaudible in the mix. Instrumentally I suppose these guys are okay (see title track, for example), but they definitely need to take another look at their songwriting because not every song needs to have 'brootal' breakdowns. Especially because they don't even sound brootal because of the lack of punch in the production. "Where You And I Begin" and "Eternal Guilt" are prime examples of promising songs that could definitely do without the constant chug-chug down-tuned guitars. In that sense the band has precisely the same problem as the recently reviewed Watch Me Bleed record, the vocals sound terrible and there are too many breakdowns for anyone to truly enjoy this release.

But perhaps the worst offender on the CD is the cover of Johnny Cash's "Ring Of Fire". There are good, even excellent covers of that song already (see Social D), so there really shouldn't be a need to write another one, especially a metalcore one. Who really wants breakdowns in Ring Of Fire, seriously!? Anyway, I really hate being harsh in reviews of young bands, but in this case I really found no way around of brutal honesty. Sometimes that's what young bands need - a good ass kicking - to set them in the right direction. Sorry.


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Release date 08.08.2009

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