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I Felt The Bullet Hit My Heart

Written by: TL on 21/10/2009 14:31:33

Another day, another indie rock promo from Deep Elm Records. This time around it's an established one, Track A Tiger, who are passing their third album "I Felt The Bullet Hit My Heart" this way. A record that comes with an attached recommendation for people who like bands such as Iron & Wine, Belle & Sebastian and Fleetwood Mac - All acts that I unfortunately know little of beyond their names, so unfortunately, I won't be spending this review on telling you how accurate such comparisons are.

What we're dealing with is, like I've already revealed, pretty characteristic for the indie scene. The soundscape is a mellow one, adrift with electronic effects and effect-ladden guitars, yet still seeming as subtle as a strictly acoustic act. Lazy vocals float upon tempos that are up-beat, yet still feel very relaxed. The singing reminds me on one hand of bands like Animal Collective and MGMT, but the instrumentals are far from similar enough to justify direct comparison. In fact, I can't think of any one band to align Track A Tiger with, so I guess that could mean that the ones suggested by the promotional material are the closest bet? Regardless, I better leave that to be decided by those who are familiar with them.

As you might have figured from my description of the style, this album is a rather casual listen, which passes by you in no particular hurry, making you tap your feet, bop your head and sing along to the odd catchy bit. Such can be located in both opener "Don't Let The Nightlights Dance", closer "Where We Might Wonder" as well as other tracks along the way, like for instance "Fox Tries To Sing". Mostly there's a feeling of folk-music made modern to the beats and atmospheres, but one particular track stands out to me, namely "Push Through The Dark", as both the singing and the music here makes me think that there are actually quite a few similarities between this music and that of bands like Lydia or Mew, although Track A Tiger never reach for their levels of drama or ambition. Come to think of it, Jose Gonzales has actually also entered my train of thought as I've been spinning this record, so there's another point of comparison for you I suppose.

Anyway, overall I think "I Felt The Bullet Hit My Heart" is a solid and easily enjoyable record, the kind of which you might enjoy to leave buzzing in your earplugs as you navigate your days. Maybe you'll fall in love with a phrase or a song, but if you ask me, this is more of a homogeneous, atmospheric, chill-out record, than one full of stand-out tracks that you'll keep coming back for. So yeah, there you have it, it's not bad but not exactly hair-raising either.

Download: Fox Tries To Sing, Don't Let The Nightlights Dance, Push Through The Dark, Where We Might Wonder
For The Fans Of: Iron And Wine, Jose Gonzales, Lydia, Mew, Animal Collective

Release Date 22.09.2009
Deep Elm Records

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