Dan Webb And The Spiders

Dan Webb And The Spiders

Written by: PP on 20/10/2009 02:42:34

Dan Webb normally plays drums in The Cold beat, a band that specializes in original emo-punk, but his solo project Dan Webb & The Spiders is way different to what you'd expect. And that's good, because there's nothing more pointless than having two separate bands playing precisely the same songs just with different lyrics. Instead, Dan Webb's effort is made out of vibrant and fuzzy garage rock riffs and a positive, easy-going mood that's so sympathetic and easily likable that there's just no way you could find it in your heart to hate it. From the get go, the record makes you feel like you're listening to your best friend's DIY basement rock band, and that's the sort of honest-feel that's impossible to fake as an artist.

Although the band can probably be compared to hundreds of other mood-setting garage rock bands out there, the first names that pop into my mind are The National Rifle and The Armed Forces, both also tiny bands in the US concentrating on writing no-frills, primitive garage rock that just feels good. There's no stressing need for gimmicks or to beat The Mars Volta in creativity, in fact Dan Webb's songs are about as stress free as a life on some tropical island in the Caribbean after you've retired. The bare aesthetics of the band's Myspace page say a lot about the project, as do their top friends (The Serious Geniuses and The Dopamines are among the most honest punk bands I know of), so as you'd imagine the songs are perfect for those kick-back-and-relax moments when you only want some easily absorbable music on the background. The funny thing is that this type of music sells hundreds of thousands of records in Australia, but over here in Europe and partly also in the US the genre isn't really paid much attention to. Might have something to do that we're always just so god damn busy over here to truly take some time off and relax.

"In The Light" is probably the best song on the album because of the nice contrast between Dan's distortion-laden vocals and the female voice that makes a guest appearance on the track, but you could also check out "The Worst" which brings back memories from the first The Strokes album. Really, not much else needs to be said about the record, and at just nine tracks and 21 minutes, everyone should have enough spare time to hear this guy out. You won't regret it.

Download: In The Light, The Worst, The Fall Of '08
For the fans of: The Armed Forces, The National Rifle, The Strokes, Dinosaur Jr
Listen: Myspace

Release date 2009

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