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Coordinate: D1SA5T3R

Written by: PP on 14/04/2006 19:05:10

Brilliant. Amazing. Masterpiece. That's the review of "Coordinate: D1SA5T3R", the sophomore album by the Finnish melodic death metal act Enter My Silence in three words. The first two tracks two tracks of the album ("Thin Red Line", "Spin") blow you away on the first listen by their incredibly technical twin-guitar melodies over the just-barely recognizable lyrics by their new, soft-growling vocalist Mika Lisitzin, whose vocal range is nothing short of perfect for Enter My Silence. The tracks shred, they rip and , they are nothing short of masterpieces.

"For A Place In The Sun" continues on the same line, and I'm thinking: 'Could this be the first [10] grade I'll be giving since Darkest Hour's "Undoing Ruin" last June'. Because I kid you not, the first four or five tracks of this nine-song album don't just leave you standing still astonished. They make you cry tears of happiness and joy, because you never thought it was possible to combine harsh vocals and complex twin-guitar melodies in such a beautiful way before. You won't find a single note that shouldn't be there, you won't find a single note that's missing, and the song structures will challange you with their complexity.

The only way I could possibly criticise the perfection on the album is that because "Spin", "Thin Red Line", and "The Paradox Of Two" are so unbeliavably good, they leave the rest of the songs of the album in the shadow. But if songs like the daunting "Unspoken Words" would be left by themselves, they would still be considered masterpieces by the critics, and would be able to lift an album to the high grades by themselves.

It's as if Enter My Silence takes the best parts of Children Of Bodom and In Flames, and combines them together. They've got the ultra-complex guitar lines we're used to hearing from Alexi, and they've got the melodies of In Flames times ten. In short, this is the album both of the prior bands have been striving to release in the last eight years, as this one simply overpowers all of their latest stuff by its sheer melody-obsessed greatness surrounded by brutality. Last year, I used the following phrase only on two albums, and both of them ended in my top three favorite releases of the year, but I dare say it again: This will be considered one of the best albums of 2006, if not the best. However, I can't give the album a full mark. The first few songs raise the bar for the rest of the album so high, that it simply can't keep up, and you end up going back to the mezmerizing first two tracks. But nevertheless, a 9½ grade is reality for "Coordinate: D1SA5T3R".

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Release date 27.02.2006
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