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Winds Of Osiris

Written by: PP on 11/10/2009 22:28:29

Metalcore/hardcore based rock 'n' roll seems to be an emerging trend in the UK, with lots of bands putting out solid, groove-laden records as of late. We've heard the relentless ferocity of The Ghost Of A Thousand, a more intelligent Gallows on their sophomore album, and recently young hopefuls Outcry Collective introduced a decent, if somewhat unsurprising brand of hardcore 'n' roll (for the lack of a better expression). Visible Noise seems to be on top of things when it comes to music of that style, and The Plight's "Winds Of Osiris" is the next disc that'll make you put on your dancing shoes at least if you're into heavy groove.

If Motörhead were more punk, they'd sound a lot like The Plight. Alternatively, imagine the Every Time I Die vocalist's raspy, whiskey-drenched vocal delivery guesting on an Outcry Collective album and you're also fairly close to "Winds Of Osiris". You might argue that there's some resemblance to more hardcore based acts like Cancer Bats and The Bronx as well. But even though you can hear bits and pieces of influence from all bands just mentioned, it's never enough to convincingly call The Plight a clone act. Tracks like "Lovesick Maniac" and "Sick Of The Dreaming" impress with their groovy-but-catchy hardcore/rock platform, and all instrumental, semi-acoustic "Lifted To The Sun" displays a softer dimension into the band's sound. But there isn't much softness on the album overall, as most songs consist of balls-to-the-walls guitars and huge riffs, plus the angry, snarly but yet strangely melodic and memorable vocals.

My only problem with the otherwise good Outcry Collective album "Articles" was that it lacked standout tracks that you'd remember instead of just the constant groove. In my opinion, this is where The Plight succeed in comparison, and they do it for the same reasons as Every Time I Die and Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster: the songs are catchy without succumbing to a pop hardcore/metalcore platform. They are pissed off, but yet there's a vibe of positive energy throughout the disc. But for some, the barbecued mash of riffs may be too much, but if any of the bands below push your buttons, then The Plight should be next on your 'to be discovered' list.

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For the fans of: Every Time I Die, Outcry Collective, Motörhead, Cancer Bats
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Release date 09.11.2009
Visible Noise

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