Run It Up The Flagpole

Written by: PP on 06/10/2009 22:09:33

If Hit The Lights hooked up with A Day To Remember, the result would most likely be Farewell. That should be well enough for you to decide whether to stop reading a review of Farewell's sophomore album "Run It Up The Flagpole", a fun, light-hearted pop punk record that borrows a teeny weeny bit from the pop hardcore scene. If you're familiar with the band's debut album "Isn't This Supposed To Be Fun?", then you'll find that this record's exactly like their debut album except way more polished and somewhat more melodic as well, which should be another tell-tale sign whether or not you should buy this record.

For those of who Farewell is a new experience, just compare them to that insanely catchy "NJ Legion Iced Tea" track by A Day To Remember, remove all the screams, throw in a bunch of riffs that sound like "Dookie Era" Green Day, and you'll have a pretty good idea of how this record sounds like. Autotune has been shamelessly used to perfect the vocals so if that's not your thing, you know what to do, but even so you cannot deny how ridiculously catchy and enjoyable "A Collect Call To Arms" is. "We All Fall Down" sounds like a modernized version of "Take Off Your Pants & Jacket" era Blink 182, and the bouncy "Rock On The Radio" is essentially a fun pop punk track as easy to enjoy as a kebab after a heavy night out in Copenhagen. Yeah, I'm not much for cliché expressions as you can tell.

"When did rock'n'roll become this fucking fashion show?" asks singer Marshall Davis on "Devoid (That's What I Think About It)", and though he has a valid point, I'm sure some wiseass hater will be quick to point out that Farewell are tapping onto a veeeeery fashionable and trendy genre so isn't that ironic. To a point I'll agree (just look at their Myspace page), but that shouldn't detract from the listening experience itself, which happens to be very enjoyable. There isn't a track which wouldn't have you singing along, but try "Sucker Bait", "Expect The Worst", and especially the woo-hoo track "Drop Dead" for starters, and then move on to the rest of the album if they haven't convinced you just yet. Did anyone say New Found Glory on the latter, by the way? Anyway, if any/all of the bands mentioned in this review are right up your alley (Ronnie, I know you're reading this), then there's no reason why Farewell shouldn't quickly run up your pool of favorite bands. What better way to end a review than with a lame pun that doesn't even work properly.

Download: Drop Dead, A Collect Call To Arms, Devoid (That's What I Think About It)
For the fans of: A Day To Remember, Hit The Lights, Green 182
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Release date 01.09.2009

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