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The Conquering

Written by: PP on 04/10/2009 15:55:00

Black Moor obviously want to be Iron Maiden based on the derivative sound of their debut record "The Conquering". I can almost imagine the band standing in a triple formation while performing any number of the melody-driven guitar passages found on this record, whilst posturing the devil's horns at every occasion when both hands don't need to be on the instruments. Literally everything has been copied directly of the early Iron Maiden records, minus the vocalist who sounds like James Hetfield's modern output if he was 19 years old.

While there are a thousand ways such blatant copy-catting can (and will) go wrong, something about "The Conquering" sounds convincing enough for me to place my metaphorical reviewer's guillotine on hold for now. Black Moor may be utilizing every trick up the sleeve of bands from the original new wave of British heavy metal, but at least they do it right: The choruses are all quite good, and the galloping, blazing guitars will have even the most stubborn Iron Maiden fan pull out his air guitar and play along. Plus the bass guitar is well audible in the mix, adding it's own licks and details instead of slavishly following the guitars - especially "The Blood Moor" has some awesome lines that immediately make the song stand out.

The only 'true' negative aspect about "The Conquering" is that it's second half doesn't quite measure with the first half. It's still half decent, but nothing that'll make you fall off your chair or anything. Well, that and if you have a problem with a band lifting most of their material from a well established band, you might despise Black Moor....but since they execute the Maiden sound better than most Maiden jam bands, I don't see why you'd mind.

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For the fans of: Iron Maiden, Metallica
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Release date 25.08.2009
Diminished Fifth Records

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