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There's something about Yakuza's new album "Samsara" I can't quite figure out. You can sense the depth of the album so well that you could almost touch it, but it won't let you do so. I've spent two weeks with "Samsara" and despite my countless efforts, it still hasn't opened up for me. Whether it's the arabian-style subtle saxophone melodies pausing the razorsharp, deeply-cutting guitarwork, the growled, screamed and moaned vocals (yes, all at the same time), the overly melodic but so dark and twisted instrumental sections, or the fact that the band labels themselves as 'jazzcore' that causes my confusion over "Samsara", I do not know.

After a few listens you start to slowly grasp the devious, twisted structures that hide deep behind the strange ambiences, and it'll just make you wonder what kind of sick bastard is behind writing music so strikingly forward but, at the same time, so obviously complex that it's almost torture listening to it. You can feel that somewhere deep down, there is a locked wooden box with a masterpiece inside of it, but the key has been long lost and you'll just have to grind it open with your bare hands. The process hurts, but I can guarantee you, the closer you get and the more bloody your fingers get from the wood, the harder it tempts you to try and crack it open, and the prize waiting inside is worth the time.

Please show that you appreciate good, incredibly original music, and go buy Yakuza's "Samsara". Be an active listener. Who knows, the box may open for you in just one day. Or it may take a month. But however long it takes, once you reach the end, I'll be waiting for the tap on my shoulder and the words "thank you for pushing me through this experience".


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For the fans of: Ephel Duath, Between The Buried And Me
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Release date 27.03.2006
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