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Silent World

Written by: EW on 01/10/2009 18:16:19

In my opinion, more so than an album from a signed band does a release from an unsigned one need to impress the listener in every department to make its mark. Call it survival of the fittest but in a world already crammed and over-flowing with metal bands we don't need any more than can't do the job properly, and this thorough going-over begins right from the band name and release cover before one can even consider the music.

So let's run the test over Danish melodic thrash/deathers Obtain Pain. Band name? Poor, but what can one do in a world where every good single word has already been taken? The cover of "Silent World", the bands first EP following 2007's demo "Something Dark"? Terrible. I'm sorry, I know some sort of message has been incorporated into its design but that doesn't stop it from being a horribly dodgy piece of Photoshop-ian work.

And then, on to the music. Thankfully this is definitely better than the points discussed above. By no means at all revolutionary or ground-breaking but Obtain Pain have a pleasantly well-played and well-produced collection of three songs here that mixes some of Sweden's most popular bands (The Haunted, Arch Enemy, Unleashed) with Lamb Of God. Admittedly it doesn't have the extra edge that I look for in metal bands but for the more impressionable younger metal fans out there (you know who you are) satisfaction can be gleaned from the competent rolling speed in the title track which probably shades it as the best out of the three. "Impossible Dream" edges it as the heaviest of the lot while opener "6 Feet 1 Mile Down" could be described as Slayer meets The Haunted, a winning combination to most people I think you'll agree. Only 15 minutes long, "Silent World" is competent yet it won't be shooting Obtain Pain into the stratosphere just yet. And just to clarify, that's because of the band name, cover and music contained within.


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For The Fans Of: The Haunted, Unleashed, Lamb Of God
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Release date: 20.08.09

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