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Gas Station Masturbation

Written by: PP on 29/09/2009 19:30:35

The Dwyers may just be the best punk band Finland has ever produced, at least if you are to judge by their debut album "Gas Station Masturbation". It's a record that combines just the right amounts of speed, garage-y production, melodic sing alongs and driving rhythms to push all the right buttons on me, and should do the same on you if you're at all into smaller, local-sounding bands like Steady State, American Armada, or Real Life Version meddling with the sound of some larger acts like The Flatliners and Off With Their Heads. Lips drooling yet?

If those bands don't say anything to you (check them out, all reviewed on, then lets just call The Dwyers raspy, gravelly, working class punk rock where street punk influences occasionally peak from around the corners. And corners is what this record is essentially made out of (for the lack of a better expression), as the screeching guitars have a fantastic melodic ring to them thanks to the raw edges and recorded-in-a-garage production. All songs are played at a high but comfortable speed, enough to give the album a superb 'debut album' energy and a passionate vibe, but still at a reasonable level so that there's lots and lots of space for some memorable sing alongs. Sometimes these may be somewhat subtle, such as on "Run Run Run", where they open a few listens in, but on especially the first five tracks you'll no doubt be singing along the first time you hear them.

"Betty Sue", "Gas Station Masturbation", "Happy", "About To Crack" and "Poverty & Luxury" are such examples, but especially "Waiting For A Bullet" should even have bigger venues singing along from the top of their lungs to the infectious "Just waiting for a bullet this is like Russian roulette" line. But these are just the highlights, because there aren't really any bad songs on the record. All tracks have a rowdy, "lets go" attitude to them, some of which is certainly caused by the speedy pace, but most of which can be attributed to the hoarse, raspy dual vocals of singers Eemeli & Mirko, which bring a harsher Chuck Ragan/Chris Wollard (Hot Water Music) combo into mind. At the same time, there's a positive, feel-good vibe to the tracks, one that makes the listener feel like he's in a need of a local punk show at some graffiti decorated underground venue. When put together, the two very different feels translate into a winning formula.


Download: Waiting For A Bullet, Betty Sue, About To Crack
For the fans of: Steady State, American Armada meets The Flatliners, Off With Their Heads
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Release date 29.07.2009
Psychadelica Records / Airiston Punk-Levyt

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