The Time Is Now

Written by: PP on 09/04/2006 17:01:49

Finnish hardcore quintet Endstand aren't very widely known outside of Europe, but that's likely to change in the future as the band is now signed to Lifeforce Records, the hottest new label that everyone is talking about. Lifeforce has recently been in the spotlight with such prominent names as Heaven Shall Burn, Herod, Raunchy as well as been the home for the already seminal technical metal group Between The Buried And Me. Already that is likely to boost Endstand to the knowledge of the entire hardcore scene, but of course it helps to have a great album set for release, as the band has with "The Time Is Now", their fourth full length to date.

The material on the album varies from straight-forward hardcore tracks like the opening track "Way Out" to the more thought out, more time-consuming tracks like "Counting The Days", and the band marvels at both styles. The simpler tracks like "Right From The Start" start out with some 80s hard rock influenced guitar riffs similar to those that Every Time I Die takes use of, before breaking down to speedy drumming, ferocious breakdowns and the scathing vocal work, whereas the more complex ones require some time before you'll accept them. Nonetheless, they are still comprised of the same forumula: uncompromising, passionate hardcore used to get rid of the excess aggression you might have.

It's difficult to find many faults on the album, but the production level is lacking somewhat, causing the vocal work to sound a tad bit messy over the otherwise catchy and melodic guitars. This may have been done purposely though, but to have some more production wouldn't hurt, as that's how Norma Jean's latest masterpiece sold 50,000 copies in just under three months. But to sum it all up, Endstand's "The Time Is Now" is a consistent record with no tracks that shouldn't be there. It's a record that'll certainly find it's way to the collection of fans of Bane and Give Up The Ghost. Expect speed, expect slight influences from the oldschool Philly/NY hardcore bands (gang shouts are used from time to time), but don't expect too much depth. But you don't always wanna be listening to deep music, do you?


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For the fans of: Bane, Give Up The Ghost
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Release date 10.04.2006
Lifeforce Records
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