Heading For The Top

Written by: PH on 08/04/2006 14:27:12

My first thought of Bullet and their new album "Heading For The Top" was: "Is this a reissue of an old album?". But I was wrong, this is a release of 2006. Bullet's frontcover includes the bandmembers in leather clothing and three motor bikes, and burning fire in barrels in the back. From this, you probably quickly conclude that this must be oldschool rock. - And it REALLY is.

Bullet started playing in 2001, but they are still living in the 80's. They are clearly influenced by AC/DC - a bit too much in my honest opinion. They've got screaming guitars and a screaming vocalist in the shape of Hell Hofer, who is almost a clone of Bon Scott from AC/DC.

This being said, it is not a bad album. The album contains quite a lot of catchy riffs and chorus', like in "Turn It Up Loud" and "Heading For The Top", but it's just too predictable. The songs seem to follow the same recipe throughout the album. They all start off with a catchy guitar riff, and the riffs are almost the only difference between the songs. If you were to tune in halfway through a song, it would be hard to tell which one it is.

If you love AC/DC and bands like that, you will also like Bullet. Others will not find this interesting. Bullet needs to find out whether they want to be AC/DC's little brother or if they should become more independent and original.


Download: Turn It Up Loud
For The Fans Of: AC/DC, Judas Priest

Release date 24.04.2006
Black Lodge
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