The Clans Are Marching EP

Written by: PP on 22/09/2009 00:29:03

I admit that it's somewhat strange to be reviewing Rebellion's EP "The Clans Are Marching" at a point in time when we've already reviewed the album it preceded, but that should just tell you how behind I am on my ridiculously long review list at the moment. On one hand it's interesting to get two different scribe's opinion on a band's material, but who am I kidding, EW knows his stuff around viking/battle/war inspired heavy metal far better than I do. So I'll keep this short, because if you want more detail, you can always go check out his review of the full length instead.

First of all it should be mentioned that out of the four tracks on the EP, "Arise" and "Ragnarök" also feature on the full length, so there are only two additional songs for you to pick up if you're a Rebellion fan, which is why I suggest obtaining them through iTunes or something instead of wasting money on tracks you've already got. Second of all, I'm not entirely sure I agree with EW's heavy/power metal definition of these guys, because the guitar rhythms are clearly viking metal inspired, not to even speak of the lyrics about the kind nordic people who used to pillage the English villages. Think Amon Amarth except with less punch in the riffs, replaced by way more distorted rumble instead. There are also some pretty fuckin' awesome bagpipes on the title track (which is a Grave Digger cover) complementing the solid viking/war metal riffs... and I also really like the macho singer's crackling voice.

As an additional near feat, each of the four tracks has a distinguishable chorus you're able to sing along with, something that most heavy/power/viking metal bands fail to produce time and time again while trying to appeal to the underground metalheads only. Maybe that's why I also found the latest Grave Digger album to be a tad bit above the rest of the playing field. Anyway, the ability to remember the songs because of the choruses, the rumbling riffs, and the classical piano backing results in me liking these guys just a tad bit more than Grave Digger, hence I agree with the rating EW gave to their full length.


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For the fans of: Grave Digger, Amon Amarth, Stormwarrior, Entombed
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Release date 26.06.2009
Massacre Records

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