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Written by: PP on 20/09/2009 22:16:10

Warning: listening to Switzerland's The Order under the influence of alcohol will make their music sound unbearably awesome. It makes you wanna dust off your air guitar, grow your hair long and curly, and take out to the streets to cause havoc everywhere using the superpower of rock n roll. Something about the qualities of beer and rock n roll just make them fit together perfectly, but I guess The Order knows that all too well considering "Rockwolf" sounds - I wonder how many cases of beer the band destroyed while writing this record...

You know what else they've been doing while writing "Rockwolf"? Listening to an unhealthy amount of AC/DC. Many of the songs on "Rockwolf" feature riffs and ideas that could've been created by Angus Young & co, but that's okay with me, because if you don't like AC/DC then most likely there's something wrong with you. Hints and references to other hard rock and hair metal bands are audible as well (Van Halen anyone?), but The Order navigate in between these successfully enough to avoid having me label them a worthless clone band. The hard rock choruses present here are designed to fill arenas without sacrificing a single bit of artistic integrity in the process... oh wait, rock 'n' roll bands never cared about artistic integrity anyway more than about starting rowdy parties in live environments. That's precisely what many of the solos and awesome riffs on "Rockwolf" should do as well once they're unleashed to the Swiss and European audiences

I could go on to mention highlights like "Angel In Disguise" or "Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll" as the key songs to check out from the album, but honestly, almost any song should convince you that The Order are here to deliver some of the most easily enjoyable, old school rock'n'roll since the last AC/DC album. Oh my, that sentence would've sounded so much better had I written it about a year ago, right ;)? It may not be particularly original, but try it with a couple of beers in your system, and see if you care about originality when those riffs come blasting out your stereo.


Download: Sex Drugs & Rock'n'Roll, Angel In Disguise
For the fans of: AC/DC, The Answer, Van Halen, Motörhead
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Release date 25.09.2009
Dockyard 2

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