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Written by: AP on 15/09/2009 20:00:08

First of all, apologies to the band members and fans alike for this very late review. There have been complications in the past two weeks, and circumstances have seen to it that I have been unable to churn out anything useful. Well, that's about to change because the production line is back up and running, and its latest output is this self-titled debut EP by Rising, a Danish band which vows to put the heavy back in metal. If bands like Pantera, Down and Damageplan cater to your taste, then this one should be right up your alley.

Before getting into specifics though, this is an unsigned band so even though the production here does not earn much applause, it's still far from a hairdryer demo and this is something that at least this scribe is willing to forgive. So take this as a disclaimer now: the mix sounds hollow, and when there is much going on at once, blurry. Now, the band's weapon of choice, as already hinted, is full-fledged heavy-fucking-metal laden with groove, thumping bass and plenty of mouthwatering solos. Vocalist/bassist Henrik W. Hald has let himself be inspired by the old school thrash elite, which implies a harsh shout kind of delivery devoid of sugar-coated melodic choruses and brootal growling in beatdowns. It also implies a monotonous delivery though, and while very appropriate for this kind of music, they aren't the focal point. Neither are the lyrics; and even the guitar has an unusually modest role for this kind of music. Nothing breathtaking in the rhythm section either. So what exactly makes this worth a listen, you ask? And I answer honestly: if you are expecting anything beyond attitude, stop reading now.

My intention is not to slag off the technical proficiency of this band or anything, because judging from the instrumentation, there is nothing to be ashamed of, but rather to emphasize that above all else Rising's music wants to be in your face; wants you to bang your head; wants you to start some moshpits; wants you to shut down some brain cells and enjoy metal at its purest, most simple level. As such I find myself a little divided over this beast. I want to enjoy it, and I do find myself abiding all the aforementioned wishes when listening to it, but it just does not have enough lasting value or ambition to invite me back.


Download: Black Mound, Grail of Bone

For the fans of: Damageplan, Down, Pantera

Listen: Myspace

Release date 20.06.2009


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