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Dissension EP

Written by: PP on 15/09/2009 15:01:46

Connecticut, US based The Perennial surprised this scribe from moment one with their fierce, annihilate-everything type of sonic brutality on their new EP "Dissension", that should cause significant damage in mosh pits all around. The genre is hybrid: one part metalcore, one part moshcore, and one part brutal hardcore, effectively translating into relentless, constant aural pounding that'll haunt you for days, for so assailant is their fiery sound.

At first, it's easy to write off this bunch as a generic scenecore act, but further investigation and repeat listens will reveal an unanticipated amount of variation throughout the three tracks on offer here. The speed varies from breakneck pace hardcore punk sections, where the focus is clearly on a break the four walls around you-type of sound akin to older Bury Your Dead, Walls of Jercicho, et al, to medium speed chugging where slight pinches of melody have been injected in the otherwise brutal sound. During some of these latter moments, you could even draw comparisons to melodic (post-?)hardcore bands like Life In Your Way, so fans of both style are well accounted for. One of the most impressive feats of the EP though is its tightness despite the relatively technical instrumentation. It sounds like the entire record was put together in an incredibly confined space, greatly adding to its in-your-face factor and its ability to overwhelm the listener.

There's not much more you can say about a three track release, but lets just say this: I'm bloody impressed. Few young bands are able to deliver a sound this convincing so early on their career. If there's one thing to criticize the band for, then it's that there's only three tracks of awesomeness, and it's not nearly enough for this scribe.

Download: Bastard Business
For the fans of: Bury Your Dead, Walls Of Jericho, Life In Your Way, August Burns Red
Listen: Myspace

Release date 01.07.2009

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